Carbon Facial

Use with ND Yag 1320 for skin resurfacing and weekly face mask.

Exfoliates, brightens skin, activates epithelial cell activity for youthful glow.

Organic Ingredients: Carbon, Unrefined raw honey, Aloe

Retail: $52/Jar


Ancient Facelift

Use After Rf treatment, IPL treatment and weekly.

Lifts and tightens skin.

Organic Ingredients: Biotenyene stones,raw apple cider vinegar, aloe plant.

Retail: $46/Jar


Forever Youthful

Anti wrinkle, Antioxidant, Acne.

Apply after Rf, IPL, and weekly face mask.

Organic Ingredients: Aloe plant, lemon tree extract, cinnamon cane, pure coconut.

Retail: $45/Jar


Sour Suckle

Reduces red spots/inflamation, reduces dark spots, exfoliates.

Organic Ingredients: Cinnamon cane, Lemon tree extract, Raw unrefined honey.

Retail: $54/Jar


Sweet Tart

Antibacterial, acne, acne scars, dark spots, dark circles.

Organic Ingredients: Unrefined honey, aloe plant, lemon tree extract.

Retail: $54/Jar